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2006 Photo's & Story * Kiwi Open Photo's  


Practise Days : Feb 22nd & Feb 23rd

Over 100 pilots enjoy XC in the Manilla area on a 2500m base with 3-5 m/s climbs. New Mt Borah West and North Launch astro-turf can be clearly seen.


Task 1 : Friday 24th Feb : 74kms, 50+ pilots in goal

- Mt Borah East Launch - nice clouds but slow climbs to start with.

- Goal at Turrawan (in the flatlands near Narrabri)

- Even the train was stopped by this Kiwi goal girl !



Task 2 : Saturday 25th Feb : 54kms Elapsed Time race via 2 TP's, 18 in Goal 

A shorter technical task was set to keep pilots away from potential over development. A patch of high level cloud and a blue hole added to the challenge. Start - Mt Borah > TP1 - 4Ways > TP2 - Manilla > Goal - Godfreys. Good cu's and climbs to 2300m+. 18 in goal.

- New astro-turf on Borah West launch gets its competition christening

- On glide to a nice cloud between TP1 and TP2

- The leaders near TP2 Manilla in the last thermal before final glide.


Task 3 : 26th Feb : 41kms Elapsed Time Race - Cancelled after 20mins due to observed over development north of the course area potentially spreading over launch and beyond.

- West Launch Window Open at 2.00pm

- The lovely ladies from Red Bull energising the SES volunteer.

- Looking towards the course area - great sky :-)  but ......

- Towards the north over development and iminent cancellation :-(



Day 4 - Feb 27th : No Photo's - Day Cancelled - wind & storms

Day 5 - Feb 28th : No Photo's - Day Cancelled - wind and storms

Day 6 Photo's (Day cancelled - March 1st)


- Sad face on the welcome board at HQ


- Even the birds came into HQ to check out the weather briefing !


- First ever Irish comp pilot to visit Australia - Dave Donnelly - checks his harness and feels quite at home with the conditions (green grass and rainy weather).



Day 7 Photo's : Last Day cancelled :-(

- Moree Balloon winds tell a sad story - North East, 74knots at 10,000ft

- French pilots a bouncing with joy - they take the top 4 places in the Kiwi Open.

- Time out again for pilots - DVD's , music etc ... the Pre-Worlds start on Sunday


Presentation Night Photo's - The Winners and the Party


L > R : 1st Place - Max (FRA), 1st Female + Best Team (Green Frogs) - Caroline (FRA), 1st Serial Class - Thomas (AUT) with happy Gin, Best Kiwi Pilot - Middy (10th overall), Best Aussie Pilot and Comp Organizer - Godfrey (6th overall), Best Veteran - baby face Grey (NZL).


Vodka Red Bull was flowing free....looking serious, Gil from Portugal asks - “how much vodka is in here?” .... table of Happy Jappys .... Norwegian Drinking Team enjoying the free beer and wine all night.


“You can't steal my wife” says the Royal Hotels Tom to rascal Ronny of Norway... “come and dance with me baby” shouts Charles (FRA) while Rolf (NOR) is praying tothe weather gods.