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2006 Pre-Worlds Event Series - Pilot Information

Manilla Kiwi Open 2006 : 24th Feb - 2nd March

Manilla Pre-Worlds 2006 : 5th - 11th March

Both events are open to all pilots - if oversubscribed by mid November then ALL places will be allocated using the Nov WPRS update - read more about this in the information below. Only persons who have registered as a user of this web site can view the registration page and pilot list.


If you have any problems with rego please email :

Remember you can change your rego form anytime by just clicking on “Pilot Registration“ (eg : which comps, glider, hours, ratings, address etc).

NOTE : Payment is ONLY taken from your credit card once you have a confirmed place.

How to Register

For site security purposes the registration is a two step process:

Step 1 : First register on the web site as a user - click on “register“ in the top right corner. This is NOT the actual competition registration (that is step 2) - it's only a web site user registration. The system will then send an e-mail to your registered address with a verification token. Return to the website and log-on using your username, password and verification token. After this verification step, you will not need to use the token again. You can then proceed with step 2.

Step 2 : You are now a registered user of the website (more pages now appear in the menu's too!) and you can register for the event. Simply go to the registration page to complete the required pilot details on the form - your name will already be on the top ! Note that you can return to this form at a later stage to make changes to your registration as required (eg: glider change).

Once registered for the event  you can return to the site using your username and password at any time. Should you forget your password, you can have the system e-mail it to your registered e-mail address using the password reminder facility.

General Information

Purpose :

A Paragliding Competition Series to enable pilots to gain experience in the Manilla area prior to the 2007 10th FAI Paragliding World Championships, and attain world ranking (WPRS) points for their personal and nations betterment. The Pre-Worlds Series also serve as a test event before the 2007 event and aims to encourage and promote international contacts and associations amongst pilots in a friendly competative atmosphere.

Organiser :

The 2006 and 2007 events are organised by Godfrey Wenness and Team who have been responsible for 14 successful high level FAI Cat 2 events over the past 12 years with 120-150 pilots entered annually since 1999. All main staff are highly qualified mostly local XC pilots.

Medical Rescue Services :

Manilla has a fully equipped district level Hospital, Ambulance and Rescue service approx 10 minutes from Mt Borah. Tamworth has a major regional hospital where serious trauma cases are delivered via helicopter. There is a national specialist spinal injury ward in Newcastle Hospital approx 30mins flying time from Tamworth where all serious cases that need operations are transferred to by aero-ambulance once stabilised.

During the competition (and practise days) the Manilla Ambulance and local Tamworth based Westpac rescue helicopter – a turbine Bell 407 - wil