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Pilot List  

Pilot List and Status


- Waiting List Pilots are also shown. Their status is : Paid “N“ and Confirmed “N” (same as unpaid pilots).

- TL and TA payments have not yet been processed and updated.

- Some pilots/teams have special payment arrangments or credit card problems and are still shown as unpaid. As at 15th Jan 2007 there are 7 pilots in this category.

A graph showing the gliders brands flown is at the bottom !!!!!

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Pilot List
 NationNameRoleGliderRegisteredFAI qualifiedPaidConfirmed
ArgentinaGerard ChouvinPilotAdvance proto omega 7YYYY
ArgentinaMarcos Del RioPilotGin Boomerang 5YYNN
Argentinaandré hedigerPilotAdvance omega 7YYYY
ArgentinaOscar RodríguezPilotGradient Avax RSFYNNN
ArgentinaLuis RosenkjerPilotGradient ASPEN 2YYNN
ArgentinaFrancisco VargasPilotSky Eris 2YYNN
ArgentinaEduardo Sanchez GranelTeam Assistant YNNN
AustraliaCraig CollingsPilotGradient RS7YYYY
AustraliaCraig DonnellPilotAirwave FR2YYYY
AustraliaHeike HamannPilotNova TycoonYYYY
AustraliaAndrew HorchnerPilotGin Current comp modelYYYY
AustraliaJames LawsonPilotGradient Avax