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Team Size  

   Official Team Sizes 

The initial team size is based on the published Oct 24th WPRS nation ranking.

The nations rankings, team sizes and vacant place re-allocation order shown here are official.

Team Leaders/Managers must inform their NAC and FAI who is in officially their team so that registered pilots can be FAI confirmed on the pilot list.

The maximum team size is 5 men + 2 women. You cannot swap in extra men for the womens places if your nation does not take them.

There are no wildcards for the FAI Cat 1 Worlds event.

The Vacant Place Re-Allocation occurs on 24th Dec 2006. Pilots who are next in line for their team can register for the event now (no payment needed). The order of offers of places for this re-allocation is also shown - examples below.

Example 1 : If at 24th Dec 2006 there are 8 places left vacant then they are distributed as offers to the nations in the order 1>8 shown (#8 Russia gets the last vacant place offer).

Example 2 : If there are 20 vacant places then all nations up to Denmark (rank 25) receive an extra place offer. 





Team Size

Vacant Place



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