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The Gliders of the World Championships

The World Championships usually bring out the latest in protoype gliders as each manufacturer provides the absolute best they can design for their top pilots. Some manufacturers even sell serialised versions of such prototype design gliders to the regular competition pilots.

Many designs have innovative features and use new materials which are only visible on closer inspection. Such events provide a fertile R&D test ground and information gained is valuable for future designs. If the technology becomes successful it eventually filters down to high end certified gliders and then in some cases all the way down to beginner gliders - this process is similar to F1 motor racing.

Images will be added to this gallery as they become available.


Advance Omega Proto (Pro Comp Team - Manilla 2007 version) - pilot Godfrey.


Gin Boomerang 5 : 37 of these arrived on Wednesday 21st Feb for some very anxious pilots - just in time for some nice practise XC. Lots of new colour schemes too !


MacPara - Magus Proto : This is not a standard Magus 5 !


Niviuk - Ice Peak XP Proto : Jean Marc Caron (FRA) 90kms west of Borah over the cotton fields.


Airwave FR3 : The latest design by Bruce Goldsmith. Bruce is flying in the event for the UK team.