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Mt Borah Flying History  

Mt Borah Flying History

In the aboriginal language “Borah“ was a meeting place. The local Manellae tribe probably used Mt Borah for this purpose for many thousands of years enjoying the awesome views over the wide western plains. Nowdays free flyers from around the world meet at Mt Borah to fly the Big Sky Country of NSW.

Manilla's Mt Borah (880mASL) has been a flying site since the early 1990's when a few local and Newcastle/North Coast Hang Glider pilots established some small HG launches on the West, South and East faces. Godfrey Wenness purchased the property “The Mountain” in 1994 and, with additional land in 2005, it now contains all of the private lands associated with Mt Borah. The west escarpment/slope of the Baldwin Ranges (of which Mt Borah is a part) is Dept of Land and Water Conservation “Crown Land“ which the Manilla SkySailors Club has an access license to allow vehicular travel from the top to the west LZ and also back to the east-side via the saddle track.

During the 1990's, in addition to 16kms of access roads being built, a new north launch was added and the existing launches were expanded to cater for more pilots, large events and easy top landings. In 2004 three UL runways were completed at Godfrey's house to cater for those who often flew in. Launch and facility improvements including major road works are being carried out for the 2007 Worlds event.

The only costs for pilots to fly Mt Borah over the years has been the local club annual site fee of A$20 which goes 100% towards admin costs and its obligation with Godfrey to maintain the Mt Borah site on a 50/50 cost share basis.

Since 1994 Manilla has hosted 15 international level paragliding events organised by Godfrey Wenness, 12 NSW State Hang Gliding Championships organised by Newcastle HG Clubs Bill Olive, and many annual fly-in's including the famous easter-time PG State of Origin whch attracts over 100 pilots nowdays.

Over the years many paragliding records (National and World) have been flown from Mt Borah, not to mention hundreds of personal bests every season. Hang Gliders have also flown 300kms + flights including recent ones (in late Autumn !!) by Jon Durand Jr well into Queensland. Below is a list of the major Paragliding milestones :

Paragliding Records from Mt Borah

24/11/97- 2/98 Aust National Record Open Dist : 215kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 4

1/02/98 - 11/98 Aust National Record Open Dist : 235kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 4

16/11/98 - 6/02 World Record Open Distance : 335kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 4

5/12/99 - 5/06 World Record 50km FAI speed triangle : Enda Murphy, Omega 4R

10/01/00 - 11/03 Tandem Open Distance : Longest Flight in the World - FAI observer : 223kms Godfrey Wenness/Suzi Smith, BiBeta2 proto

5/03/02 - 3/02 Aust Declared Goal Distance : 151kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 5R

6/03/02 - 1/03 Aust Declared Goal Distance and Official FAI Competition Worlds Longest Task : 161kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 5R

13/01/03 - Aust Declared Goal Distance : 245kms, Godfrey Wenness, Omega 6 Proto

 9/01/05 - Australian National Womens Open Distance : 178kms, Michelle Baptist (Belgium), Omega 6